What if my dog eats N!CK'S?

For any issues with your dog consuming products or ingredients from any source, please immediately reach ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center: +1 (888) 426-4435


N!CK'S is currently rolling out an updated recipe in which xylitol (a naturally low net-carb sweetener sourced from birch bark) is not included. That being said, our ice creams should never be used as treats for pets, and they are not meant to be fed to your dog. 

Our N!CK'S bars do contain levels of xylitol in their formulation. We never encourage our pet-owning customers to share any of our products, but dog owners should be aware of other common ingredients that are unsafe for dog consumption, especially chocolate. 

Rounded figures you are roughly 2g of xylitol for all bars. The exact figures are:

1,7g / bar for the Mint crisp
2g /bar for Peanut protein
1,83g / bar for Krispi nougat 
2g/bar for Protein caramel
1,83g/bar for Triple chocolate
1,86g/bar for Almond nut bar
1,9g/bar for Peanut nut bar

Since our furry friends don't know this the same as we do, we always recommend protecting pet health with your food by keeping our products out of nose-reach, storing them in your freezer, stored after enjoying, and out of their sight and smell when thrown in the trash. 

Other sugar alcohols such as sorbitol and mannitol have little to no effect on blood glucose concentrations or insulin secretion in dogs, but some of our flavors during this roll-out contain a small amount of xylitol, an amount that is about one-hundredth the amount of a single stick of sugar-free gum

For details of levels of consumption for ingredients like xylitol, please review the attached article or links below: 





ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center: +1 (888) 426-4435





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