My order has not shipped.


Uh oh! Your order may not have shipped for a few reasons. It could still be processing, or it could be due to one of the reasons listed below.


Non-deliverable shipping addresses - UPS cannot deliver frozen perishables to the following types of addresses at your checkout:

  • P.O. Box, Box, or Post Office destinations, including off-the-road and highway mailboxes 
  • Commercial business or apartment complexes requiring entry for delivery
  • Barriers of entry for delivering, such as receptionist offices, mailrooms, or gated driveway

If you have a secondary residential address that fits outside these limitations, please let know and we will help update this for you. 


  • Weekend delays - we do not ship or pack over the weekends, which typically are most prone to in-transit delays. For late-week orders, we hope to expect these to ship the beginning of the following week. 
  • Out-of-stock flavors - If we are out-of-stock, typically flavors cannot be ordered from If you ordered before any flavor goes out-of-stock, such as with large bundles or subscriptions, we will inform you through an email notification.
  • If you're flexible with a general flavor swap, we'll ship yours out as soon as possible, or you can share a flavor preference to our support team.
  • Missing email confirmations - sometimes, auto-filled information can send our confirmations to the wrong email. If there is a typo, typically this would prevent an email from arriving in your inbox. Our support team can change this upon request at




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