I won't be home when my package delivers and it's already on the way.

We try our best to pack our N!CK'S boxes with 3-5 days to ship with two day transit, but sometimes there can be delays out of our control. 

If you are expecting to be out of town, please let support@nicks.com know how to best assist before you receive a tracking number, if possible. If your order already shipped, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take in the meantime:

  • Contact UPS for a re-routed delivery address: we cannot do this on our end, but chances are your package can be re-routed to your destination. We recommend doing this as early as possible through your tracking number in your shipping confirmation. 
  • Contact your delivery address for pickup: since frozen perishables cannot be returned, having a close by family friend or neighbor who could make sure it's picked up (and enjoyed) is always preferable, at least! That way, there is no melted ice cream when you return, and maybe a few helpful or happy friends that are nearby. 
  • Contact our support team: after trying these steps, let our team know what we can best do at support@nicks.com. We are not responsible for mislabeled shipping address or UPS delays, but we always hope to create the coolest experience possible with N!CK's and your deliveries. 
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